$200 Million Lottery Winner Gets Shock Of Her Life When Pastor Bangs On Her Door

Oct 10th, 2018

Marie Holmes has passed through a lot since she had her lottery win. First, she faced controversy, and now her pastor is suing her.

Holmes won the power ball in February 2015, and as expected the media was all on her, calling her for interviews now and then. She was all over the media hawing won one of the winning tickets which were worth a total of $564. Hers was #188 million, and after taxes, she ended up with $127 million.

The first thing she did with her fortune was to bail her boyfriend out of jail. However, it was not just a one-time thing. She bailed him out four times, with an amount totaling to $21 million. The cliché, of course, did not miss the media. She hit the headlines in almost all the media channel and became more popular.

However, what made her even more popular was when the news of her pastor suing her hit the headlines. Allegedly, the single mother had made a verbal contract with her local pastor to help in financing land to facilitate retreats.

Holmes did not keep this agreement, and according to the pastor, as he talked to EURweb, there was a third party that came in and advised her against going ahead with the contract.

The pastor recounted that they made the contract when he met with Holmes and some other church members at her new place (Holmes’) to minister to them. The pastor requested that Holmes help by donating $1 million, $1.5 million or $2million towards the project of buying land for the facility. Holmes gave $700,000 to Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church.

They had several other meetings after that and Holmes agreed to give the pastor $1.5 million toward the retreat center. The pastors allege that after the agreement, he made plans with many realtors, telling them of the blessing the church had received from Holmes, and even went ahead and made verbal contracts with them to purchase land.

The pastor seems to be sure that it was Holmes’ aunt, Carmel Wheaton, who persuaded her not to go ahead with giving him the money she had promised. Reportedly, the aunt made a call to Pastor Matthews, telling him that they had had a change of mind about giving him the money.

According to the pastor, she even went ahead and told him of how she was appalled that a pastor could ask for money.

Matthews has now made complaints that this brought him mental stress and emotional distress. As a result, he started taking medicine for anxiety and depression.

Seemingly, Holmes’ boyfriend did not support this arrangement. Reportedly, he had said to the pastor that since there was no written document, the contract was not legit and therefore they could not go ahead with it. He also told the pastor to mind his business and let Holmes mind hers.

However, according to Electronic Urban Report, Ruth Sheehan who is Holmes lawyer has denied any knowledge of the lawsuit against Holmes.

The media is all ears, waiting to see or hear about the turn of events. They are also wondering about Holmes’ say in this. Is the decision not t go ahead with the contract hers as well or is it just her family that’s pushing her towards it?