13-Year-Old Ventriloquist Steals Show With “Cheeky” Side-Kick

Jun 22nd, 2022

13-Year-Old Ventriloquist Steals Show With “Cheeky” Side-Kick

Everybody loves to watch a good act. And one thing that truly entertains us is a good ventriloquist. It’s amazing how they are able to make us laugh by making their side-kick puppet talk or sing.

What makes it more entertaining is when the ventriloquist that steps on stage is a young boy. That is why as soon as this teen stepped on the Britain’s Got Talent stage, he immediately caught the attention of the audience because of his oozing confidence.

He was there with a mission, to entertain. And hopefully, get the chance to proceed to the next round and be the big winner later on.

On the first round of auditions, 13-year-old Jamie Leahey got his chance to show Britain’s Got Talent where his unique talent is going to take him. At just 13 years old, Jamie is a self taught ventriloquist. During the lockdowns, Jamie took advantage of the time to practice ventriloquism. And he nailed this talent in just two years.

According to him, his big dream is to perform in Vegas or Hollywood and of course, to see his name in lights. He has been practicing by watching videos after his grandma bought him a monkey puppet. And sure enough, his hard work did pay off in two years as soon as he got to perform on stage.

During his performance on BGT, Jamie starts off by saying: “Say hello Chuck.”

And in his chicken voice, Chuck replies, “Hello, Chuck.”

That alone was enough to send the audience laughing. The jokes and banter between two is undeniably funny and sure enough, it captured the audience and the judge’s attention quite easily.

And when Jamie says, “I suppose you find that funny.”

Chuck replies with, “Yeah, I’m a Comedian-Hen.”

Jamie then says, “It’s all about having a laugh. Where would you be without a laugh, eh Chuck?”

Chuck then responds with “Sat in David’s seat,” referring to Judge David William.

This gets a huge clap from Judge Simon Cowell.

Jamie and Chuck conclude their performance by singing “Me and My Shadow” by the Rat Pack.

His performance earned a standing ovation from the judges along with the audience. What he has is pure talent, that’s for sure. And of course, the judges were equally proud of him too. Judge David Williams says, “You have an incredible talent, not just for ventriloquism but to entertain people. That was absolutely wonderful.”

Jamie also gets praises from the other judges who were very impressed by his talent. Judge Alesha Dixon says, “I absolutely love that. It was so slick, all the while thinking, I can’t believe you are 13 years old. It was very very funny and Chuck is very very naughty and I love Chuck’s sense of humor.”

Chuck shared a few more funny moments with the audience when Judge Amanda Holden asked him a few questions at the end.

And as expected, Jamie and Chuck got the big YES from all four judges!

And as he was walking off the stage, Simon Cowell was caught on camera saying that Jamie was very likable. Despite the nerves and excitement to be on that stage watched by so many people in the audience and be judged by four of the best in the industry, Jamie and Chuck did a great job. It sure was a great performance for Jamie Leahey, and of course, his side-kick, Chuck.