13 Nuns From A Michigan Convent All Died Within A Days Of Each Other

May 3rd, 2021

COVID-19 has surely broken millions of hearts all across the globe. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to take precious lives, we cannot help but pray for it to end. One of the most heartbreaking news about COVID-19 deaths was that of the 13 nuns from the same Roman Catholic convent in Michigan.

One by one, the nuns got infected by the coronavirus. News revealed that the virus managed to get inside the religious institution and spread like wildfire at the Felician Sisters convent. Most of the nuns died in the same month. Thankfully, some of them survived and they want the entire world to know why following safety health protocols like wearing masks and frequent washing of hands are very important.

The nuns who contracted the virus and passed away due to its complications ranged from 69 to 99 years old. When news broke out regarding the death of these nuns, many people were shocked, saddened, and heartbroken. The nuns were members of the Congregation of the Sisters of St.

Felix of Cantalice in Livonia, Michigan. The convent also lost teachers, a good author, and a secretary for the Vatican Secretariat of State due to COVID-19.

Because of their age, the nuns were at high risk of contracting the virus. The nuns remained close to each other when the pandemic broke out. The Global Sisters Report that the death of the nuns was “the worst loss of life to a community of women religious since the 1918 influenza pandemic.”

Nun convents are very isolated. Nobody can easily enter and interact with the nuns. That’s why people were wondering how did the virus manage to enter such an isolated situation?

Reports reveal that the coronavirus that two of their aides first got the virus and managed to infect the nuns with whom they are always in close contact. The aides came to the convent not knowing at that time that they had been infected. They did not get tested before entering the convent. And given the high-risk situation due to the age of these nuns, COVID-19 quickly spread like wildfire.

In one month, a sister dies every other day. In total, 13 nuns died from the virus with 18 additional that were infected who miraculously survived.

And because of the health guidelines that were imposed and given the risk of transmission, the nuns were not allowed to attend the funerals of their fellow sisters. And with the close relationship that these sisters have, made grieving so difficult.

Noel Marie Gabriel, the director of clinical health services for the Felician Sisters of North America said, “We couldn’t contain the grief and the sorrow and the emotional impact. We went through the motions of doing what we had to do, but that month was like a whole different way of life. That was our most tragic time. It was a month of tragedy and sorrow and mourning and grieving.”

The majority of the deaths in this convent happened between April 10 and May 10. At this time, COVID-19 took the lives of 12 sisters. The 13th sister passed away due to the virus died on June 27.

Life is too precious to be taken for granted. And during this time where everyone is at risk of contracting the virus, we are all advised to take extra precautions. We need to protect not only ourselves but also those around us.