100-Year-Old Senior Surprised When Garbage Collector Arrives With Birthday Cake For Her

Jan 24th, 2023

100-Year-Old Senior Surprised When Garbage Collector Arrives With Birthday Cake For Her

As a rule, it takes an unexpected act of kindness from a person before you fully appreciate their efforts. Those who live a busy life go about with their days without giving much thought and attention to the people around them. These UK waste haulers though will not pass on the chance to surprise a senior woman on her birthday.

One of them had once promised the woman that while on his route he would celebrate her birthday with her once she makes it to her 100th birthday. And she did!

Dorothy is an elderly woman in England. She lives on Ben Bird’s trash collection route, and the haulers have gotten used to them talking to one another while Ben is working.

Ben promised Dorothy that he would bring her a cake if she until she is 100 years old. And of course, a huge birthday celebration was prepared for her. And her turning 100 years old is enough reason to make this event extra special.

According to Ben, he decided to do this surprise because he does feel that they fit in the that they have together. Ben’s traveled this route numerous times. Aside from developing a personal relationship with Dorothy, he has also had the opportunity to become familiar with many of the local residences.

In an interview with ITV, Ben their relationship:

“I talk to her every Thursday from 8am to 8.10am and every time I walk up her garden path she will be there waiting for me…I never have a cup of tea or anything like that, I wouldn’t let her go to that trouble. I just then run after the other two lads to catch them up…I’ve been a binman for about 11 years and love listening to her stories about her life…”

And when the big birthday arrived, Ben went above and beyond to make this extra special.

Dorothy started her day giddily as she received a letter from the Queen. And of course, Ben kept his promise. He brought her 100 years old and he a cake we well. He even got his two colleagues to join in.

Together, they all walked up to Dorothy’s front door singing “Happy Birthday!”

This was definitely a birthday treat for Dorothy. She was overjoyed by the surprise from these people who are not even related to her by blood. The thoughtful gesture meant a lot to her. She even told Ben that this now makes them “best friends.”

If Ben can only tell great things about Dorothy, well, the feeling is mutual. Dorothy can only speak highly of Ben saying that she really appreciated his gesture.

Also, Ben contacted Dorothy’s great-grandchildren. Katy Smith says that Ben’s presence on her special day has been treasured by her great-grandmother. She says: “My great gran always speaks so highly of her binman Ben. So I messaged him to thank him that he made her day.”

Befriending someone and showing them that you care would mean a lot to the other person. This kind of friendship that Ben and Dorothy has is hopefully the kind that many from your generation are looking for.

Ben’s gestures only show that no matter how big or small your effort is to make someone else smile today, will be greatly appreciated.