10-Year-Old Kids Came To School Late, Forced To Strip In Front Of Everyone As Punishment

Sep 15th, 2020

Punctuality is a must in the workplace. That is why young children are taught to be punctual at school. Growing up, we have learned lessons in punctuality that made us respect to time. Children at school are always reminded to be early at school and to avoid being late.

In fact, some teachers give extra points to those who can come to school early. But for these boys from India, they taught the value of time the hard way.

This incident took place in Chaitanya Bharathi School, a private school in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. These boys, aged 9 to 10 were running late for school. The principal caught them that’s why they were punished. Normally, tardiness at school would cause student detention or a warning from the teacher. But not these students. They paid a costly price for coming in late.

The principal decided that instead of detention or warning, these kids need to be taught a lesson in the most inhumane way possible. The little boys were in third and fourth grades. A humiliating punishment was placed on the children which ended up getting caught on video and circulated on social media.

The kids were instructed to strip off all of their clothes as they stood naked under the blazing sun in front of the school. Everyone, including the teachers and the other students, saw them. The poor students can be seen standing with their skinny arms in the air and their pants pulled down to their ankles.

The video of the kids had gone viral and the school, especially the principal received major backlash. Parents flocked to the school and protested the very next day. Some parents also talked about how the school punished their children for not finishing their homework.

Maharaja Naidu, the school principal who is also the owner of the school is now on the run.

The video began to spread all across the internet. But the authorities are trying to find a way to cover up the issue. Achyuta Rao, the president of the Hyderabad-based child rights organization, Balala Hakula Sangham, revealed that the principal was able to gain the support of the Mandal Educational Officer (MEO). MEO helped him to silence everyone about the inhumane punishments that he subjected his students to.

Rao explained, “Our organization had a word with the MEO. Instead of immediately canceling the recognition of the school, the MEO Leela Rani is trying to cover up the issue and has said that she will be taking up the matter with the higher authorities.”

He added, “Is that how an issue of such serious nature has to be dealt with? The principal of the school should be booked under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act as it’s a clear case of exploiting the children’s modesty.” He also explained that after such a traumatic experience, the children deserve to be given psychological counseling.

This kind of degradation is truly unacceptable. Nobody would ever think that an educator could do such punishment on innocent and young children. It is concerning to know that people in positions of power can turn their backs around for their responsibilities and just turn a blind eye.

Andhra Pradesh- Chittoor DEO tells me that investigation is underway on the incident where students were punished and made to stand naked in Chaithanya Bharathi School, Punganur. DEO says recognition of school for 2019-2020 could be withdrawn. #AndhraPradesh @CRYINDIA #POCSO pic.twitter.com/BRDgQL1qWw

— Rishika Sadam (@RishikaSadam) December 27, 2018