10-Year-Old Boy Is Her Mom’s Hero After He Helped Her Deliver Baby At Home

10-Year-Old Boy Is Her Mom’s Hero After He Helped Her Deliver Baby At Home

Ashley didn’t know that when she went to the bathroom that Friday morning that it was already time for her to deliver the baby. In fact, the baby’s feet were already out and she knew it would be too late for her to go to the hospital.

So she yelled for her son who’s the only person she can rely on at this time. But she knew that he was not going to disappoint. He is strong and she strongly believes in him. And as expected, this young man literally saved his mom and baby brother’s lives due to his quick thinking and calm demeanor.

When Jayden Fontenot’s called for him that time, he didn’t know that he will be the next hero without a costume or cape. In fact, Jayden has proven that bravery and doing something heroic don’t always need a mask.

Ashley was 34 weeks pregnant and she was in a rush to pee. But she was surprised that in the process of doing so, her water broke. And to her shock, her baby’s feet were already hanging out!

She’s only with her 10-year-old son and her 11-month daughter since her fiance had already left for work. She shared, “The scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my life.”

Not knowing what to do, she called out for Jayden. The boy quickly ran to the bathroom. Ashley says that she felt at the time that it didn’t look like her baby was still breathing. The baby’s feet were already purple. So Jayden ran to his grandmother where they called the police.

Other kids might have panicked and freaked out in this type of situation, but Jayden acted on instinct. As soon as he got back to his house, he found that his mother was on the floor getting ready to deliver his baby brother.

According to Ashley, she saw Jayden says took a deep breath, and asked her to tell him what he needed to do and that he would do it. Jayden wasn’t even close to being scared. He was calm and very brave. Ashley told him that they needed to get his brother out as fast as possible because he couldn’t breathe.

Jayden helped by gently pulling on his brother’s leg while Ashley pushed. They kept at it until the baby finally came out. However, the baby wasn’t breathing. Jayden ran to the kitchen to get a nasal aspirator to clear the baby’s airways.

When the emergency medical responders arrived, they got the mom and baby to the hospital. According to the doctors, if Jayden had not done what he did, his baby brother would have died due to lack of oxygen. His mother would have bled out too during delivery.

When Kelsey Richard, Jayden’s stepdad, found out about what happened, both his wife and baby were already in the hospital.

He said, “Angels come in all shapes and sizes that young boy right there is an angel.”

Jayden is certainly is a hero. This could be the start of a very promising medical career for this young boy. And his baby brother is yet to hear this amazing story of how Jayden helped bring him into this world.

There is no doubt that Jayden would be someone that his little siblings would be looking up to.