Kindhearted Strangers Help Stranded Women By Pushing Her Car To Gas Station


Kindhearted Strangers Help Stranded Women By Pushing Her Car To Gas Station

Running out of gas when no fill-up station is within sight is one of the biggest annoyances that drivers face. Most cars come equipped with a signal, whether visual or auditory, to alert drivers that they need to fill up, yet many will push the boundaries and continue driving until their vehicle burns off its last bit of fuel. Some drivers will thank their good fortunes for having gotten them to the gas station, while others will be stuck on the side of the road cursing themselves for having not stopped sooner. Of course, having a gas canister on hand or a AAA membership will easily help remedy the situation, but for the majority of cars on the road, these amenities are not always accessible.

Mary Mingo Williams was one of the unlucky drivers. She ran out of gasoline while on her way home from work without another passenger in her car. The woman didn’t want to abandon her car along the side of the road, so she started pushing it in the direction of the gas station. Countless numbers of vehicles drove by her, some even honked their horns, but no one pulled over to offer any assistance.


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Just when she had given up on any help arriving, a group of young men who are currently serving in the US Army came out of nowhere to help.


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They pushed her car to the nearest gas station in no time at all. When another stranger saw what these young men had done, he offered them $100 to buy themselves lunch.


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They declined the money, saying that they helped because it came naturally to them, so the man used the funds to pay for the woman’s gas instead.


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Although Mingo Williams’ evening may not have started off well, it ended on a high note thanks to the kindness of strangers.

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