Silly Baby Won’t Share His Snack


Silly Baby Won’t Share His Snack

Regina Young
Regina Young

One of the first lessons we learn as kids is that sharing is caring. It’s a hard lesson to learn and can be difficult to swallow even as an adult, as sometimes sharing our things is just downright hard. Sharing with certain people can be even more difficult, especially if you don’t want to share in the first place.

That is a lesson that this little tyke had to learn the hard way when he went out to eat at a  restaurant with his parents. He is sitting in his high chair eating his own food, but his parents keep asking if he can share a bite with them. The little boy is not even able to talk yet, but his reaction to their requests is as undeniable as it is adorable.

When his mother asks for a piece of his food, the little boy hands her a piece gladly, a smile on his face. When his father asks for a piece, though, the baby pushes away his hand and makes grunting noises. Again, his mother asks, again in French, if “mama” can have a piece, and he gladly hands one over again. When the father asks if he can have one, he is once again met with resistance. The father even tres reaching for a piece directly, and act to which the little boy vehemently protests.

It is so adorable seeing this baby learn about possession, sharing, and the love of food all at once!

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