This Catchy Older Ladies Jingle Will Quickly Become Your New Anthem!


This Catchy Older Ladies Jingle Will Quickly Become Your New Anthem!

E'vone Starks
E'vone Starks

What happens when you mix country music with a little folk and sprinkle in a dozen older ladies? You get an awesome anthem that uplifts and embraces how divine older women are.

In a society where older women are often overlooked because their bodies are not as firm as they once were,or a number of wrinkles have spread across their faces, this song aims to prove that these women are still desirable and lovable. Millions of dollars are spent on cosmetic surgery every year to try to hide the natural aging process. Skin care products that promise to diminish wrinkles and firm the skin fly off of the shelves at exorbitant speeds. Women are constantly battling with Father Time to maintain their youthful appearance, so that society won’t write them off as “some old woman”, and no expense is spared in women’s search for a miracle age-reducing solution.

This song was much needed in the female community. The singer points out several of her physical flaws and then states, “If that’s the reason that you don’t love me, then maybe that’s not love”—a sentiment that is most certainly worth pondering. The singer demands to be appreciated by her partner and threatens to leave the relationship if her need is not met. Women can really get behind this song!

In addition to the older-woman-power lyrics, this video is fun to watch. Imagine gathering a dozen of your closest friends to dance around and sing about how wonderful you all are. It’s refreshing to see a group of women rejecting society’s standards and embracing their natural beauty—wrinkles and all. If there’s one take home message from this song it’s that older ladies are divine, so be sure to share this video with all of the older ladies in your life.

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