These New Sriracha Stix Are a Game Changer


These New Sriracha Stix Are a Game Changer


Sriracha is back with an innovate way to season your meats. Sugarmade, Inc and Huy Fong have teamed up to create these new seasoning sticks.


The Sriracha Seasoning Stix is an alternative to marinades, rubs and seasonings. The company claims that these seasoning sticks now do a better job at permeating meat, poultry and fish than the any other method.

Sriracha Seasoning Stixs will marinate your meats with that signature spicy Sriracha flavor, with minimal effort.

Sriracha Seasoning Stix are set to release lat February.  You can read more about the Sriracha Stix here.

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