Girl Becomes Emotional After Thinking Their Cooked Turkey Was Pregnant


Girl Becomes Emotional After Thinking Their Cooked Turkey Was Pregnant

E'vone Starks
E'vone Starks

The holidays are a perfect excuse for families to get together to spend time with one another. Many will travel across the country, or in some cases, to different countries just to be around loved ones. The days are filled with more than just sitting around the house and enjoying one another’s company. There are endless amounts of food to devour, a multitude of embarrassing stories to listen to and tell. If your family is anything like the one in this video, playing a prank on a family member is an absolute must.

Being the target of a prank is never fun, at least not while it’s happening, but they can be quite comedic for everyone else who gets to watch. This poor, unsuspecting girl was not prepared for the shock that she received while removing the stuffing from a turkey.

What started off as a harmless task quickly turned for the worst after the girl hesitated before digging out a small bird from the turkey’s canal. She immediately began tearing up as she expressed her disbelief. She didn’t know whether to be sad because her mother had cooked a baby animal or disgusted because a baby animal had been cooked inside of another animal. She was convinced that the turkey had been pregnant prior to being killed and that the smaller bird was the turkey’s baby.

Her sister’s reaction was absolutely priceless as she fell to the floor laughing. The more that the girl cried, the harder everyone laughed. She was so overcome with emotion that she couldn’t even process that it was impossible for a turkey to carry its baby. In case you’ve forgotten, turkeys are like chickens, they lay eggs. The smaller bird was, most likely, a Cornish hen and not an actual baby turkey.

We’re sure the laughter continued once the family revealed the truth to the girl. If you need some good ideas to prank a family member with this holiday season, this is definitely our choice.

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