Dad Who Almost Lost His Baby Warns About the Dangers of Not Washing Your Hands


Dad Who Almost Lost His Baby Warns About the Dangers of Not Washing Your Hands

Gabrielle Dumka
Gabrielle Dumka

Sometimes it seems like kids are so tough they are made of Teflon. They can eat dirt and jump off walls and bounce right back up with out a scratch. There are other times that a child’s life seems hopelessly fragile. You want to take them in your arms and protect them from all the world’s dangers.

One father knows all too well how fragile babies and children can be and wants to warn the world of a danger that nearly took his baby daughter’s life.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus, known as RSV, is extremely contagious. It is spread not only by moisture, like sneezing, but by contact with surfaces that have been contaminated with it, like grocery carts.

His little girl was in the hospital recovering from a mild case of viral meningitis when she got sick with RSV. It nearly killed her. The father describes standing by and seeing her flatline right in front of him. We can’t imagine how terrifying and helpless that would feel. 



It turns out there is something simple you can do to protect yourself. The best way to combat RSV is with lots of hand washing, and cleaning the surfaces that your child comes in contact with, like grocery carts or toys. Cleaning seems like such a basic task, but sometimes sticking to the basics is what it takes. Especially during the winter months when everyone seems to have a cough or a sniffle, it’s important not to let the germs spread.

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The baby in this case recovered, but her father makes an important point about keeping your family safe. Hug your kids a little closer and wash your hands! The few minutes it takes could make all the difference.

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