Public Relations Specialist Donates His Airline Miles To Deserving Families


Public Relations Specialist Donates His Airline Miles To Deserving Families

Traveling during the holidays can be very expensive. A flight that is typically $350 round-trip can quadruple in price over the holiday season. Many people can’t afford the exorbitant price for a plane ticket, especially if multiple tickets are needed to send a family home during a holiday.

Peter Shankman, a public relations specialist, is an exception. He never worries about the cost of a flight because his company flies him all over the world to give lectures on marketing and to talk about his experiences with ADHD. 


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Since he travels so frequently, he’s accumulated a significant amount of airline miles, which he typically gives to his assistant, family members, and friends.


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Even after giving away his miles this year, Shankman still had more than he could use. That’s when he came up with the idea of donating his miles to people who wanted to go home for the holidays, but couldn’t afford a flight to get there.


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His intent was to send 2-4 people home, but after encouraging others on Imgur to donate some of their miles as well, he had accumulated enough miles to send 10 people home.


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120 people wrote essays about why they wanted a plane ticket. Shankman let Imgur users vote for the entries they thought needed the miles most. The stories ranged from a woman with cancer who wanted to fly her sister to town for a visit to a man who wanted to visit his autistic son.


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The recipients were blown away when Shankman contacted them to let them know they had won.


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He said that many were in disbelief that their wish was actually coming true. His generosity and that of the other donors is making a big difference in many people’s lives this year.


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It’s amazing how far a little bit of compassion for others can go!

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