Entire Class Rejoices As 6-Year-Old Boy Walks Without His Wheelchair For The First Time


Entire Class Rejoices As 6-Year-Old Boy Walks Without His Wheelchair For The First Time

E'vone Starks
E'vone Starks

Looking back at your childhood memories, what would you say were some of your favorite moments? We bet that many of you will choose riding your bike around the neighborhood with your siblings or other children who lived nearby. Perhaps you loved playing sports, whether competitively or for fun. Maybe you had a giant tree in your backyard that you would climb daily. The point is that most of your fondest memories will have happened while you were active. One of the best parts about childhood is the amount of time that kids spend running around and playing with one another.

This sort of childhood that David Matos Souzay hopes to have someday. He was born with a disease called poliomyelitis, which affects the spinal cord, causing muscle deterioration and paralysis. Like his peers, Matos Souzay wants to be a “normal” boy. He wants to run around and play with his friends, be as active as possible, and enjoy his youth. It’s a very small wish for a child to want to be mobile, but for Matos Souzay, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and determination.

Matos Souzay, now 6-years-old, has recently begun physical therapy. His goal is to learn to get himself around without using his wheelchair. Thus far, his rehabilitation sessions have been working tremendously, but the best part about his journey is the awesome amount of support that he has from the unlikeliest of people. His classmates are his biggest fans! A video was recorded showing Matos Souzay walk across the classroom unassisted, something his own mother had never seen him do before, and his classmates cheered him on from start to finish. The children chanted his name and egged him on so that he wouldn’t give up.

He was beaming with excitement as he moved past the desks. His teacher gave him a giant hug to show how proud she was of him. With a crew like his peers in his corner, we have no doubt that Matos Souzay will exceed his goal.

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