Adorable 5-Year-Old Friends Have Fun After No One Else Shows Up To Birthday Party


Adorable 5-Year-Old Friends Have Fun After No One Else Shows Up To Birthday Party

The bonds we form with our friends as kids are truly unbreakable. It’s a large part of why people value the friendships that they’ve had their whole lives, because those that stick by our sides through our formative years truly are the people we want by our sides for life.

5-year-old Brooke learned this lesson at a young age. She had invited her entire class to come to her birthday party, but it turns out that no one showed up. She was sad thinking that she would have no one to celebrate her big day with, but her mood quickly shifted when her best friend, Bryce, quickly showed up.

The duo did all the of the birthday party staples together, taking cheesy photos and hanging out the whole time.


image source: twitter

Brooke’s older sister Brianna took photos of the besties and posted them to Twitter, receiving a reaction of support and admiration for the adorable little pair.


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Some remarked how the two are destined to be together, and that their dedication to one another at such a young age is a telling sign for their futures.


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We don’t know that the future for Bryce and Brooke will hold, but we do know that the pair will have a great childhood standing side by side, even if no one else will show up.


image source: twitter

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