Cute Baby Dances In His Seat After Trying Turkey For The Very First Time


Cute Baby Dances In His Seat After Trying Turkey For The Very First Time

Regina Young
Regina Young

Turkey is a food that most of us associate with the holiday season, which is usually cheerful and brings up warming memories. We might even remember these feelings when we eat turkey at other times of the year, maybe sliced up in a sandwich or wrap. While it is generally a food that brings a smile to the faces of those who indulge, one little baby got overly excited about turkey simply because he was trying it for the first time ever.

This adorable footage shows baby Lukas trying out a piece of delicious turkey for the first time in his short little life. Since babies are inherently picky about what they like, and usually have hilarious reactions to showcase their feelings on new foods, his parents decided to record him to see how he would react to turkey.

After taking a few hesitant nibbles, little Lukas adamantly shoves his entire fist in his mouth, ensuring that his taste buds are coated with this new food. He nods his head a little bit before launching into a full blown dance, bobbing up and down with happiness.

If his body language didn’t give it away, the giant smile plastered on his face sure did — we think he might be a huge fan of turkey!

Did your kids have hilarious reactions to trying new foods? We want to hear all about it!

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