Babies Get Dressed Up As Famous Icons And The Result Is Too Cute


Babies Get Dressed Up As Famous Icons And The Result Is Too Cute

Kelly Larsen
Kelly Larsen

Who doesn’t love taking pictures of babies? They’re the sweetest subject matter there is, and they’re wide eyes and big smiles make for adorably happy photos. It’s even cuter when babies get dressed up, and that’s why everyone loves baby photo shoots. HelloDenizen recently put together a video of babies being dressed up like icons and photographed, and it’s too adorable!

All kinds of wigs, outfits, and props were used to make the babies really come to life as iconic adults, and it’s impressive. One infant was dressed as Bob Ross, so the photographers had him rock a curly wig and they even drew on a little beard! They put him in front of an easel and let him paint away. A girl baby was dressed as Queen Elizabeth, and it’s hilarious to see a baby with grey hair. She also chews on her scepter while she’s being photographed, which we’re guessing the Queen wouldn’t do!

Then there’s baby Frederick Douglass, whose wig is bigger than his entire head. He looks adorable in a little black suit, even if he does look confused as to what’s happening. The same can’t be said for baby Beethoven- he’s a total ham who has a huge smile on his face the whole time! He claps his hands together in excitement as he sits in his crazy-hair wig.

The other icons used in the video are Iris Apfel (appropriately dressed with orange-tinted sunglasses and a wild fur coat), Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg (baby Ruth looks less serious than real-life Ruth), and Willie Nelson, who lays with a bottle in hand and a guitar nearby. Of course, the babies don’t exactly want to cooperate during their photos, so the end of the video includes a montage of them pulling off their wigs and crawling away. How adorable is that?

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